Friday, January 29, 2010

My Stressed Out Entrance Into the Blogosphere

I consider myself typical; three kids, two cats, two dogs, a husband, a job, and volunteer work. I'm stressed out! Who isn't? I feel pretty equipped to manage my stress most of the time, though sometimes panic rears its ugly head. Stress can have a negative impact on the human body and coping strategies are necessary to maintain a level of productivity and vigor. For me, eating well and physical activity fit the bill. Getting a healthy meal on the table for my family after a day of work or setting aside time for physical activity can seem pretty daunting. Often, I think that we impose restrictions on ourselves to keep us from living a healthier life. We almost expect to fail, so we don't really try. Smoking cessation programs teach us that many people have to quit smoking several times to finally be successful. So, with failure comes success...eventually, if you never give up! Life is worth living fully with good friends, good food, lots of physical activity, and of course some stress. So, this is what my blog is about. Hopefully, I can navigate it like this picture drawn by my six year old daughter; with a smile on my face!