Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Enigma of Blood Sugar Control

My son has type 1 diabetes. I've blogged about our struggles with this disease before. My son would love for me avoid sharing our personal experiences with respect to him, but I'm on a mission to better understand how diabetes is controlled and to help other diabetics in the process.

To me, the expression "blood sugar control" seems like an oxymoron. It is elusive at times and often we are left scratching our heads as to why our son's blood sugar becomes high or low (even though I'm a dietitian and my husband is a physician). Diabetics, especially teenagers, can take these values personally and may feel like they have failed in managing their health. There are so many factors that affect blood sugar. Understanding why blood sugar becomes high or low is very complicated. Lately, I feel like we've been chasing our tails and I need to know more about diabetes to help my son understand more and manage his disease without excessive emotion.

As I educate myself, the nuiances of blood sugar control are becoming more apparent. I have decided to post a "pearl of wisdom" on my Facebook page daily to reinforce the concepts that I am learning and to share that knowledge with other diabetics or those responsible for caring for a person with diabetes. I invite your comments, experiences, and knowledge on this topic here on my blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter. I'm hoping to impact hundreds of people and create an online comminuty of diabetics sharing their experiences and wisdom. Please pass this on to your diabetic family, friends, and coworkers. To your Health!

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  1. Great to see you as part of the Diabetes Online Community! Yes, living with diabetes is a constant challenge and often the mental and emotional aspects weigh us down. But through the online support, we're able to take more ownership and feel better about what needs to be done. Having those who are "just like us" is invaluable, and for many helps us keep our D-Lives in check and more accountable. Thanks for what you are doing as a D-Mom! See you around!